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Award-Winning Bots

By Our Founders

CMA in 2018 for #freemurdoc

Webby Award

for best overall chatbot and voice chatbot.

AnnA won 3rd place for The Most Human-like Chatbot 2019



So, What are Conversational Components?

Conversational Components, or ״CoCos״, simplify the process of building Chatbots. These are modular blocks of conversation that cover specific contexts. CoCos are customizable and reusable conversation elements that augment your Chatbot's performance.

With customizable content in any language and developer-friendly APIs, integration into a larger conversational flow is simple. Drag and drop a CoCo, and you're ready to chat!

Dimitrios Prodromou,



 "One of our main goals is to bring the human factor into technologies like the humanoid robot Pepper. With the help of the whole CoCo Team and especially with the amazing work from Jason and Yaki, we managed to physicalize “AnnA – the companionship Bot” through Pepper.


This Bot was build using CoCo's components with multi-turn conversational flow, and amazed hundreds of visitors. We are sure, that this is the future of Conversational AI in human-robot-interaction. "

Our Vision For The Future

Reusable Conversational Components are the future of Conversational AI.

Why build and rebuild when you can reuse?


Our goal is to unify Chatbot development with modular components in order to allow collaboration, thus revolutionizing the domain of Conversational AI.

It's time the Conversational AI community started working together: Collaborate!


The 1st global Conversational Components Marketplace is now available for Chatbot developers, bot development platforms, and enterprise companies with live Chatbots that could become smarter.


Have A Favorite Platform? No Problem.

A Little Bit More About CoCo

A.I. Conversation Systems is a company registered in Israel and publicly traded on TASE.


The CEO of A.I. Conversation Systems is Yaki Dunietz, who has been developing Conversational AI for over twenty years.


The Company's mission is to introduce code sharing and collaboration to the fragmented ecosystem of Conversational AI.


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