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Get User's Email

Get the user email


Get the user's email and verify that the email is correctly provided


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NLP System

Microsoft LUIS

curl -H "api_key: keyxyz"

--data '{"user_input": "Hi", "context": {"user_id": "userid100"}}'



 "response": "What's your name?",

 "updated_context": {},

 "component_done": false,

 "confidence": 0.95,

 "idontknow": false



curl -H "api_key: keyxyz"

--data '{"user_input": "I don't want to tell you", "context": {"user_id": "sdgsdsdg"}}'



 "response": "That's ok",

 "updated_context": {"userFirstName": "Yoav"},

 "component_done": true,

 "confidence": 0.95,

 "idontknow": true