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Hi, I'm CoCo, can I tell you a little bit about what I do?

CoCo helps your team create better chatbots using Unbreakable Conversational Components. Our components can be implemented into any bot framework and are easily customized to achieve your business goals.



Conversational Components

The Marketplace for Multi-Turn Conversational Components That Work

What are Conversational Components?

Conversational Components, or CoCo's, are small units of conversation that solve a subgoal in a conversation. Components are modular, reusable conversational units that improve your chatbot's performance.

The Conversational Components are based on millions of real-life conversations and know-how developed over the past 20 years. They include customizable text and developer-friendly APIs to make integration simple.

Why Should I Use CoCo?

Components are the future of chatbots. Why build and rebuild when you can reuse? Our goal is to unify the development of modular chatbots with components in order to revolutionize the chatbot industry.


Here's What You Can Do With CoCo

What's So Special About CoCo?

Who Is It For?

CoCo is used by:

  • Conversational Designers

  • Leading Bot Developers

  • Product Teams

Brands love that CoCo can increase traffic & engagement, reach international audiences with its multilingual support, and create a better customer experience.



Customize Your CoCo 

You can customize the responses within each Conversational Component.

Browse Our Collection
Choose from dozens of ready-made and fully tested Conversational Components.

Integrate With Your Bot
Integrate one or more Conversational Component into your Bot using a developer-friendly API or get started with our template (available on GitHub).


How Does It Work?

It's really simple actually; all you need to do is drag and drop the relevant component, then customize the text to match your bot's personality. With a a few simple modifications your chatbot will seamlessly transitions to and from the component for the end user.


Just click on “configure” to edit the text of each component. 



The components only store user information relevant to the conversation parameters. This user data is the only thing passed on to the developers.

CoCo Integrates With All NPL Platforms:

A Little Bit More About CoCo

The company was founded in 2019 with big dreams of unifying conversational AI and creating a marketplace where bot developers can import, export, buy, and sell components.


The CEO of A.I. Conversation Systems, CoCo’s parent company, is Yaki Dunietz. He's been creating chatbots for over twenty years!


CoCo is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. If you're in the area stop by and say hello!

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