Events That matter


24h Hackathon, Düsseldorf

Taking part in our workshop at the Vodafone hackathon in Düsseldorf gives participants the advantage they need in order to develop a multi-turn, context-sensitive chatbot in only twenty four hours.
Using a CoCoHub component by calling an endpoint eliminates the need to write and maintain AI conversation boilerplates or low-level conversation logic.

This way, instead of starting from scratch, we offer developers a starter toolkit including a chat window, integration code with their choice of developer platform and a “ready to use” template bot connected to pre-built components from CoCoHub. May the best bot win!

The CoCoHub Competition

Congratulations to the Druid team for building the best chatbot in our 6 hour competition! They not only had the best implementation of a component we saw, but they also succeeded in building and excellent component of their own!

Thank you to all the participants for joining the challenge!


Chatbot Summit, Berlin

Chatbot Summit is the world’s #1 international conference series and professional network with a mission to accelerate the adoption of Natural Language, Voice, Vision and A.I. Technologies. 

L’Intelligenza Artificiale Spiegata Semplice – Interview CoCo’s CEO Yaki Dunietz