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Until further notice, new components accepted to the CoCo Marketplace will receive a $500 advance on their future expected revenue stream.

Have you developed chatbot content that covers a certain context perfectly? 

Can this content be packed as an autonomous mini-bot, as a Conversational Component?

If the answer to these 2 questions is YES, all you need to do is to submit it the CoCo Marketplace for review.

How To Submit Your Component:


First, sign up for the CoCo Marketplace, HERE 

Then register as a Vendor, Click HERE

Now, check if your component complies with our Vendor Review Criteria.  


Once it does, submit your component for review  HERE

IF YOUR COMPONENT IS ACCEPTED, you will be asked for your bank details, and receive the $500 advance immediately!

[This offer is for a limited time only, and may be terminated without prior notice]